The talented Ms. Ellie


Ms. Ellie was a cheerful little elephant living with her Grandma in the African Safari. Her biggest dream was to one day join the official Water Splasher Elephant Team better known as W.S.E.T. Ellie had practised all summer splashing the tree in her backyard until one day she approached the team's captain. "Hallo, Emmet! I need tell you something important." "Ahh man, and what's that Ellie?" replied Emmet. "I want to become a professional Splasher and become part of W.S.E.T.," said Ellie with a big smile. Emmet looked at her with big eyes and noticed how small she was in comparison to the other elephants. "Ahh... you're joking, right?" laughed Emmet. "Go on then! Let's see the talented Ms. Ellie hitting that tree with a splash!" Ellie took a deep breath and went to pull some water from the blue lake. "One, two, three, go now!" shouted Emmet. "Phhhrrrrffff, ppphhhrrrrfff, phhfffhfhfhhrrrrrppp!"


"Ooooh! What was that Ellie?" laughed Emmet. "You sound more like a Trumpeter to me than a Splasher, ha ha!"

Ellie felt giant tears streaming down her face while the whole Splasher team started laughing as well.

Back home, Ellie lied on the ground beside her Grandma and said: "I failed Ouma, it turns out I'm not a Splasher after all."

"You haven't failed at all my sweet pea. Who cares what those big bullies think, all that matters is that you're happy with being yourself."

"But all I ever wanted was to become a Splasher and that's gone now... phhfffhfhfhhrrrrrppp."

"My sweet pea, look up there!", said Grandma with excitement. "Can you see the rainbow over that hill? If you follow it, it might show you what you're really looking for."


"Could the rainbow tell me what to do then?" And Ellie ran towards the hill as fast as she could but when she reached the very top, the rainbow started fading away until it disappeared completely.

"Ooooh! What am I supposed to do now?" said Ellie looking around.

Just then, she looked down the hill into the distance and saw a lion walking towards a group of elephants who were drinking from the blue lake.

"Oh no, that's Emmet and the Splasher team!" Ellie panicked. "How can I warn them when they're so far away?"

But there was not time left and Ellie could only do one thing. "Phhhrrrrffff, ppphhhrrrrfff, phhfffhfhfhhrrrrrppp!" she called out.

Another elephant nearby listened to Ellie's warning and passed on the message. "Phhhrrrrffff, ppphhhrrrrfff, phhfffhfhfhhrrrrrppp!"

Then another elephant... and another one, until it reached the Splasher team at the blue lake.

When they all realised what was happening, they came together in a circle and waited for the lion to come closer. "One, two, three, go now!" shouted Emmet. And the whole team splashed the lion so hard it ran away with his tail between his legs.

It was then that all the elephants celebrated together and congratulated each other. When Ellie finally joined them, Emmet approached her by saying: "Hiya, I wanted to... erm, you know... I'm really sorry I made fun of you and all."

"You were right Emmet, I'm a terrible Splasher! But not to worry, I know now what will make me very happy..." And she whispered the secret into Emmet's ear.

"Is that so?" said Emmet with a chuckle.

A few days later, the elephants had named Ellie the Official Guardian of the Elephant Community O.G.E.C.

All she had to do was stand at the top of the hill every day and in case anything went wrong she would go: "Phhhrrrrffff, ppphhhrrrrfff, phhfffhfhfhhrrrrrppp!"