Flavio finds true love


Flavio was a flamingo who lived in a lagoon with his 100,000 friends and relatives. Every day, he spent his time cleaning his pink feathers and eating lovely shrimp. But today it was different. This morning, he didn't feel like doing any of the above. "What's the matter, my dear Flavio?" asked Fabricio, his best friend. "Ahh! The worst thing in the world," he declared. "I think... I think I have fallen in love." "Oh, but that's a good thing!" smiled Fabricio. "No, it isn't" interrupted Flavio. "She doesn't feel the same way about me." "Oh really? How so?" asked Fabricio. "Well, the first day I brought her some shrimp," he said. "But nothing happened, she didn't eat any at all."

"Oh, my!" The flamingos nearby gasped in disbelief.

"And the second day I sang her a song," he pointed out. "And she didn't even blink."

"Oh, this is bad my friend," pointed out Fabricio. "If she didn't react to your beautiful voice, what else!"

"There's still one thing left you can do," said a small voice from behind. "You can do the Flamenco dance."

"Florinda, but what a good idea", cried out Fabricio. "There is nothing more heartfelt and passionate than a Flamenco dance!"

"Hmm, yes...but you're forgetting that I can't dance!" frowned Flavio.

"Florinda here will give you lessons!" cheered Fabricio. "She'll teach all the Flamenco steps until you become the best dancer in the whole flock!"

That same day, Flavio and Florinda started with their Flamenco lessons. It wasn't easy, especially because Flavio kept stepping on Florinda's feet all the time.

"I'll never get this right," sighed Flavio with despair.

"You'll do just fine!" smiled Florinda. "We'll work on this together."

Everybody enjoyed looking at the pair dancing beside the lagoon. They spent many hours with each other and after dancing all day, they would eat shrimp together while looking at the sunset.

The day had come when Flavio was ready but he kept making excuses that he needed more time.

"You can't wait!" shouted Fabricio flapping his wings. "You must go now and dance for her."

Everybody followed Flavio to his true love's house. After a while, they finally saw her standing in a garden just like a statue.

"This is it!" Flavio thought to himself. "I will do my very best to impress her."

"One, two, three... one two three," shouted everybody flapping their wings. "Come on, Flavio, up and down... up and down!"

Flavio started tapping with his feet and then clapping his wings up and down in the air. After going around in circles, he finally knelt down and placed a red rose on the flamingo's feet.


Flavio held his breath waiting for her reaction... but his true love just stood there without a blink and showing no interest at all.

"What's wrong with you?" stormed in Florinda. "Flavio has put so much effort in trying to impress you. Don't you see how lucky you are?"

"Oh, Florinda," said Flavio in surprise. "Do you really think that?"

"Well, of course, Flavio," blushed Florinda. "you're kind, sweet and... just wonderful."

"Oh Florinda!" shouted Flavio. "I feel the same way about you!"

"Do you know what this means Flavio?" shouted Fabricio with excitement. "It means you just found your true love."

"Bravo!" Every flamingo started clapping and cheering the new couple.

Flavio gave the rose to Florinda and led the way out of the garden with the rest of the flamingos right behind them.

The only one who remained in the garden was the same flamingo Flavio had been trying to impress all along. I turned out that she was made out of plastic and stood as a decoration for the backyard. But there's no need to tell Flavio this little detail because, in the end, he did find his true love.