Jenny and the hidden treasure


Jenny was a joyful jellyfish who lived in the Pacific Ocean. She loved finding amazing treasures that she could give to her friends as gifts. One day, a royal invitation arrived at her home. It was the Queen Shark's 100th birthday celebration and every fish in the ocean was specially invited to attend. "What an honour!" she thought to her herself. "I must go now and find the Queen the most wonderful treasure of all!" Later that day, Jenny left her home in search of the Queen's new birthday gift. Many days went by and Jenny hadn't found any treasure yet. She was just about to give up when she spotted a colourful coral reef in the distance.


"Perfect!" she said. "I can bring one of those beautiful corals to the Queen and that will be the most wonderful treasure of all!"

"I don't think so," whispered a little voice from below. "You could give the Queen a much better gift..."

"Uh... who's there?" asked Jenny in surprise.

"Down here," said the voice coming from underneath a rock. "I am the most wonderful treasure of all."

Jenny lifted the rock with her tentacles and then saw an ordinary looking oyster.


"I don't mean to be rude or anything," she smiled. " But how on earth can you be the most wonderful treasure of all? You don't have any beautiful colours that I can see. What would the Queen say if I brought you to her as a birthday gift?"

"I'm telling you the truth, there is no reason for me to lie. Why not take a leap of faith and bring me with you?"

Jenny spent a long time thinking and thinking but that didn't help at all. Then, she finally decided to listen to her heart and she could only come to one conclusion. "Hmm... my heart tells me you're being honest," said Jenny with a sigh. "I guess you can come with me and I'll give you as the Queen's birthday gift."

When Jenny arrived at the palace, everything was beautifully decorated in silver and gold. All the fish were waiting in a long line ready to greet the Queen with their gifts.


"I got her a succulent platter of eggs from fishes of all kinds," said the swordfish waiting next to Jenny. "She'll have the most scrumptious feast!"

"Oh, that's nothing," said the sea turtle. "In my last visit to the ocean shore, I found a lovely jewelry box!"

"And what did you get her?" they both asked Jenny.

"I got her the most wonderful treasure of all," she smiled and then showed the small oyster with one of her tentacles.

"You must be joking!" laughed the sea turtle. "That is the most horrendous thing I've ever seen in my life!"

"You must be out of your mind if you think this will please the Queen. She'll ban you from all her birthday parties if you give this to her!"

Jenny kept silent and stared at the royal throne in the distance. There was no logical explanation as to why this oyster happened to be the greatest treasure of all. All she could do now was trust the little oyster and wait for a miracle to happen.

After a few hours, Jenny's turn came and everybody stood silently staring at her.

"Well then?" said the Queen. "I don't have all day. What gift did you bring me today?"

Jenny approached the Queen very slowly and handed her out the oyster. "Happy birthday my Queen," she whispered in a low voice.

The Queen stared at the oyster with great amazement as if she could hardly believe her eyes. Everybody started laughing out loud. Jenny's heart sank and she stood with her head looking down the Queen said:

"I see you have brought me the most wonderful treasure of all," she said with a big smile. 

The Queen opened the oyster with her fins and a shiny glow came from inside. It was the most beautiful white pearl the entire ocean had ever seen in the Queen's one hundred years of age.

That day, Jenny and the oyster were the Queen's special guests during her entire birthday celebration. And something that Jenny did learn is that things don't always seem what they appear. She was proud to have trusted her heart even when she couldn't always understand it.