Leonard and the Great Cloud


Leonard was a tiny brown lizard who lived in the desert. He spent his days climbing rocks, chasing flies and lying under the shiny sun. Whenever he was thirsty, he went to the waterhole downhill and drank with the other animals. "Howdy partners!" said Leonard with a squeak. "How are you all doing today?" But nobody seemed to notice Leonard's entrance because they were all too busy looking at the dried up waterhole. "I warned you, didn't I?" shouted Jack, the rabbit. "The water's all gone now. What are we gonna do?" "We can drink water from that cactus," said Billy the bat.


"Or we can dig other holes and check if there's any water underneath," said Amy the armadillo.

"I got it, partners! Let's find the great cloud and ask it to come and rain over here," said Leonard with a big smile.

"Leonard, no offence but why would the great cloud listen to you in the first place?" laughed Jack.

"Not only that, but you're ssso ssssmall," hissed Simon the snake. "You have no sharp claws or sssscary teeth."

"I think you just need to go home sweetheart," said Amy to Leonard in consolation. "We'll take it from here."

And the tiny lizard went home with a sad heart until a thought sparked inside him. "I might not be big, or strong or scary but I know one thing; I will find that cloud and bring it to this town."

And Leonard set off north for many days and nights until one morning he saw the great cloud floating on top of a green forest.

"Howdy cloudy!" said the lizard waving his arms up and down from the ground. "Would you come to my town and rain just a little?"

There was no response from the great cloud.

"I see I see, you can't hear me from down here, can you?" and Leonard climbed up a tree this time.

"Howdy Mr Cloudy!" shouted Leonard from one of the branches. "I hope you're not too busy... would you care to come to my town and rain just a little?"

Still nothing. The cloud seemed to be moving away this time.

"Maybe they were right back home. Why would the great cloud listen to me at all?" thought Leonard in despair. "I'll try one more time."

Leonard climbed all the way to the top of the tree where he stood on an eagle's nest right underneath the cloud.

However, in that moment, a big eagle came to the nest and looked at Leonard with great delight. The tiny lizard felt a big shake in his legs and a lump in his throat.

"Now you listen to me Mr Cloud, all I need from you is a sign before I end up being this big bird's dinner!"

And without another word a loud thunder clap came out from the great cloud and the eagle flew away as fast as it could. "Yeee-hah! Shoo away you big bird!" jumped Leonard turning green with excitement.

"Now that you've given me a sign Mr Cloudy I'm ready to go back home with you!" said Leonard while the cloud just kept moving towards the desert roaring with rain and lightning inside.

When Leonard got back to the desert with the cloud beside him none of the other animals could believe their eyes. Eventually, the tiny lizard was the only one allowed to talk to the great cloud and bring it back home.